Talking about Human Trafficking

I’ve been invited by a couple of the faculty at the School of Religion at Loma Linda University to participate in a conversation being taped today for Loma Linda Broadcasting Network on the topic of Human Trafficking. Dr. Julius Nam is the co-host of this regular program called “Intersections” (what a nice name for the program) and Dr. Siroj Sorajjakool is an expert on this topic especially as it relates to his native Thailand.

Our congregation has been getting our feet wet by cultivating awareness about Human Trafficking in our community of Hollywood and around Los Angeles, as well as planning a study tour to Thailand in the near future. But I’m certainly no expert. I really have no idea what to expect today, but we’ll just see what happens I guess. I’ll let you all know when it will be aired and/or available online so you can see for yourselves.

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