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Thank you to everyone who has watched our PSA and shared it with others. In under 48 hours we have over 4,200 views between our YouTube feed and our Vimeo feed! There have also been some other nice developments.

First, I was invited to blog about “I’m a social justice Christian” at The Huffington Post. That post appeared yesterday. Here’s an excerpt:

When I talk to Christians about justice, many will say it’s the responsibility of the church to take care of people; we shouldn’t expect the government to do that. There is a partial truth to this. But here’s the rub. First of all, we live in a pluralistic society and not everyone is a Christian, to say the least. Do we really mean to say that only people who belong to a church can receive the care they need? And secondly, even if you grant that people outside the church should be cared for (as most Christians would), some issues, like health care, are too big for a local congregation to handle alone. In many cases, such as human rights and public health, our person-to-person solutions are too small.

Read the whole thing here.

Yesterday evening I was invited, along with the director of the PSA, Leslie Muse, and one of the pastors that appeared in the PSA, Rev. Neil Thomas, to speak live with Ian Masters radio program on KPFK called Daily Briefing. You can listen to our conversation here.

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